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  Decatur Jones 

INDX(Markets) .DJI (Dow Jones Industrial)  - COMP (Nasdaq)  - RUO (Russell 2k Growth)  - IXCO (Nasdaq Computers)  (4 entries)
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Decatur Jones homepage
Soleil homepage -
Open Source Wall Street - DJ's community chat site

Pivot Solutions - IM Trader, w/ FIX gateway
Lava Trading - Soleil backend execution - (bot by Citigroup 2004)
Southwest Securities - Soleil clearing firm (Dallas), via JPMC
Fin Extra

SCO IP subsite
Groklaw - SCO gadfly community - as to their litigation with IBM, Novell, AutoZone, DaimlerChrysler and Red Hat
Who is Pamela Jones and 'Who is John Galt?'
Open Source Risk Management ... yawn
IP Wars SCO coverage
Troll Tech - private placements (former SCO investment) - KDE 'Qt' tool kit (dual license)
MySQL AB - private placements - SCO mention 4/05 conf call - MySQL database (dual license)

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